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Welcome to micebook. voice. We are bringing together global #eventprofs to share best practice and navigate in this rapidly changing world, so that we can:

  1. rebuild the live events sector
  2. get colleagues back into work
  3. build new and lasting business and personal relationships

We hope you look to, not only join, but to contribute to this community.

What's new?

We have moved our community to this awesome new platform and will continue to share our events and post our 'talks' on here….Make sure you check out some additional features such as the hot ‘topics’, the ability for you to invite colleagues and peers and engage with our phenomenal community! 

Our story

Our industry is a people-business, built on relationships and sociability, and micebook has encapsulated this from the beginning! As we are forced to find ways to connect that require us to be ‘virtual’, we have to be more innovative and mindful in the way we communicate with each other.

micebook voice launched with the goal of creating a community where both supplier and client have an equal voice and is designed to support and engage, rather than just transmit information from one to the other.